Our Promises for Clients & Partners | Marathon Consulting | IT Consulting - New York City & Denver

Our Promises

At Marathon, we make the following promises to all our our clients and partners:

1 “We will focus on what’s best for your business.”

Whether it’s updating your hardware, optimizing processes or designing ongoing support solutions, we’ll assess your organization’s goals and develop the right solution for your business needs.

2 “We will think it out first.”

We know the frustration of ‘quick fixes’ that only solve the issue for a short time. We will work to build a stable network for your organization that can run today’s technology and also be ready for tomorrow’s innovations.

3 “We maintain high standards.”

We’re committed to delivering only the highest quality products and practices. We leverage our reseller partnerships to provide a wide variety of equipment choices at competitive prices. Our consulting recommendations are built with an eye toward the future to give you room to grow.

4 “We will be at your side if things go sideways.”

Unfortunately, technology isn’t 100% reliable. If something goes wrong, we will be at your side, think on our feet, and deliver quick solutions. We’ve got years of expertise in emergency recovery and are “at the ready” if your business is experiencing an IT problem.

5 “We believe in clear communication.”

We know that a well-planned project maximizes efficiency for you and your team. A thorough project scope can also drive down costs. We carefully structure larger projects to minimize any surprises. Our ongoing clients have a number of easy ways to receive the support they need.

6 “We learn from our mistakes.”

Mistakes happen. We learn from ours. When a project doesn’t go as planned, we take note, correct mistakes, and learn how not to repeat them.

7 “We are committed to continuous growth.”

IT evolves at a crazy fast pace. Cutting-edge ideas from three years ago can quickly become out-of-date. Everyone on our team is always working on new certifications, attending conferences and spending time getting smarter. This focus on training and education means our clients can benefit from the latest tools and newest approaches to information technology.

8 “We make fun a priority.”

We work hard at Marathon and always look for creative ways to make each day more fun. Creating an engaging environment for our team is a smart investment because there is a direct connection between happy team members and satisfied clients.