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    Patching and Updating

    Patching - Servers

    • Each week on this day all servers will have windows updates installed and the machine being updated will reboot
    • The timeframe is 3am-5am
    • All users should ensure documents that reside on the server are not left open during this time
    • All users should understand logging into resources, including mail if it is on premise, will be unavailable during this time
    • If there are numerous servers please consult the Project Manager to ensure we create a custom schedule
    • Domain Controllers and DNS servers should not reboot on the same day as PCs as it will interrupt the update process
    • Generally recommended to avoid Friday and Saturday nights as it may require on-site if the updates don’t run correctly
  • Patching - Desktops

    • Each week on this day all computers will have windows updates installed and the computer will reboot
    • The timeframe is 3am-5am
    • All users must be informed that their computers will reboot at this time
    • All users must ensure their machine is on and programs closed.
    • Users do not need to be logged in
  • Updating 3rd Party Applications

    • Each night at this time 3rd party updates such as adobe reader, flash, java, itunes, firefox, shockwave, and several other programs will check for an update
    • If an update is available it will be installed
    • Machines do not get rebooted, however, if a browser is left open on a website it may be closed to allow the install process to complete
    • Users should be aware that browsers may need to close some nights to install updates, this is not every night just when an update is needed
    • Updates for these products come out very frequently and quickly due to security wholes, which is why this is a nightly check. However, updates will not install every night only when needed.
    • If any programs need to stay on the same version please let us know
  • Managed Anti-Virus

    • This can be enabled at any point
    • Your current version of antivirus will be uninstalled and ESET will be installed automatically
    • Machines may require a reboot but will not do so, instead it may prompt the user or create a ticket
    • If there is a failure of the automated functions it will notify an engineer and they will contact the user to coordinate a manual uninstall/install
    • If there are specific exclusions that are not already in our list we will add them to ensure proper functionality
    • Occasionally ESET can cause issues on a server, usually performance related. If this does occur, or the server has known performance problems we will not install any antivirus on that server to prevent problems. However, we do recommend installing this on all machines on the network.
  • Contact Information

  • Domain/DNS/Registrar

    • mWatch programs cover your primary domain name to be included in our system for both registrar and DNS
    • Any other account can also be moved, and is recommended, but may be billable. Please consult the project team or your account manager for questions or pricing
    • You will be able to control the registrar directly as it will be included in a sub account.
    • DNS change requests will be done via sending a request into support. As long as there is an active mWatch agreement these requests are not billable.
    • By providing us a list of current issues that you want resolved and their priority we can enter them in the system now and prevent users from having to do this
    • Depending on the issue, pre-existing issues may be billable. This is usually in more extreme cases, but having this list prior will help us determine this for you
  • Does your building our company require that a COI be filed with them? If so, please fax an example COI to 888-887-6548 or email the request to maureen.cueva@marathonconsulting.com.